Google Adwords Voucher – Get a $250 Of Free Website Traffic Coupon

Posted by Evan Gould | In: Website Traffic

Google is offering a free $250 adwords voucher until January 31.  You can take advantage of this offer here.

To help you have a good adwords experience, here are some quick tips:

1.  Your site’s quality score is king with adwords so make sure you have good quality content on your site.   If you don’t know about quality scores google it and read up.

2.  No thin affiliate sites or you will likely find your quality score will be hurt.

3.  Bid on highly relevant keywords. 

4.   Structure your ad groups tight with 5 to 10 similar keywords and track performance. 

5.  Bid a little higher per keyword at first to get your click through rate up.  Then slowly back it down.

6.  Fine tune each ad groups by removing keywords that are getting low click through rates.

Enjoy the free traffic!

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